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Credits: Produced Rob Zucker, Liquor Daddies (both indie label acts), Young Spank (unsigned), Robert Jackson - Survivor of the War on Rock, Co-produced Robert Jackson - Personal Jesus. Recorded with and learned from Scott Mathews, (Grammy nominated producer). Recorded with and learned from John Wonderling (major label producer). Recorded with members of Suzanne Vega's band. Promoted CDs which entered USA and European charts.
Credits as recording artist: Endorses Aria Pro II bass guitars, won ASCAP awards, airplay on United Airlines, rotation on US commercial radio, CD charting on European commercial radio and in CMJ magazine for USA college radio, signed and recorded with two major label producers, received offers from four additional major producers. Video syndication through UPN Paramount, Comcast, America One Networks. Member of SGA (Songwriter's Guild of America) AFM, AFIM, ASCAP, NARAS. Signed contracts with Gotham Records of the UK, Icon Music of Australia, Pulse Music Management of Japan, Riviera Music Publishing of the UK, Lappen Enterprises in California, and Dusty Records of Sweden.
AIF Music Productions is known as one of New York's leading indie booking agents and music managers,as well as one of the most affordable new york recording studios. Among record promoters,AIF's success and track record of getting cds on the charts speaks for itself.
Releases: Robert Jackson - Survivor of the War on Rock (released in USA, Canada, Europe), Robert Jackson - Personal Jesus (released in USA, Europe, Canada, Australia). Robert Jackson radio interview (released in Europe), Robert Jackson - Moonlight Interactive Interview (Asian release for Japanese audience).
Tracks released on CD compilations: Album Network Rock Tuneup #148, Discmakers 1997 compilation disc, Album Network Rock Tuneup released 1/7/2000. Gotham Record Midem 2000 Sampler, Album Network Rock Tuneup #218, 6/2/2000. Cafe Music Networks Selects 2000 7/8/2000, United Artists in Theater radio network airplay sampler 7/7 - 8/3/2000, Film Music Volume 7 10/00 Film and TV Music Compilation, Album Network Rock Tuneup #226, 11/17/2000, Rockin at the Barn Vol. 3 Dusty Records Sweden October 2001.

Contact Us: All services are on a fee basis. If you are interested in any of the services listed below please contact us:

Email: aifrecords@robertjackson.net

Tel: 914-246-4098

Real Promotion, The AIF Difference: Most record promotion companies just track a record or package sent instead of really pushing and promoting it. Tracking means this: Someone calls the radio station (or video channel, etc.) once a week and asks, "was the record (or video) played? How many times? OK, thanks, Bye", or if it's tracking and following up on a package sent to a music company, record label, etc, that person will call once a week and ask "Did you get the CD? Have you listened to it yet" OK, thanks, Bye". A week later that person will ask the same thing all over again. That's not enough and will not get much accomplished. AIF provides real promotion. We will talk up the special appeal and qualities of an artist, CD song, music, etc. in order to create interest and excitement so the radio station, record label or other music company will be more compelled to listen to/review/or play your CD. Put yourself in their shoes, they talk to tons of people a day. Who and what are they more likely to remember? The same old tired pitch on the phone, or that fantastic sounding band with the interesting and unique sounding CD as described by their promoter or label.

Management Consultation Services / Managers : Artist career planning and consultation. Mailouts in USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and or Asia to: record companies both majors and indies, music publishers, music supervisors for possible film/TV/ad agency soundtrack placement, internet record labels.
If releasing a CD: Referrals and mailout to graphic artists, pressing plants, retail marketers, record stores and record pools.

Record Producers: Arrangement and restructuring (if need be) of music/lyrics/instrumentation. Performance coaching. Coordination of session musicians, back up singers, recording studios, mixdown and mastering studios/facilities.
See Album Network Review for Producer Critique
(Note: For Record Producer Services AIF does not accept rap, hip hop, house, dance, industrial, electronica, death/black metal or techno)

Recording Studio: Affordable 24 track digital recording in our Mamaroneck, NY studio.
Partial list of equipment: 3 Tascam DA 88s, tascam RC848 remote for DA88s, Mackie 24x8 bus mixer, lexicon reflex, CD recording/burning, DBX 266, Tascam DA 30 dat, 3 head cassette deck, KRK monitors, Proteus (500 keyboard sounds), Digitech GSP 2101 (100 gtr efx), Crate and peavey classic 30 amps, tama 5 piece drum kit, kawai synthesizer, equitek E100 vocal mike, percussion instruments. Class A groove tubes tube microphone,8 specific microphone drum kit miking,Art tube compression and noise reduction, 8 channels of compression/gate,aphex aural exciter mixing enhancer,Lexicon multi digital efx processor. Studied unique and alternative recording techniques which can be made available.
Rates: $38 per hour, with discount block rates available. Interested in booking the studio? Email us: aifrecords@robertjackson.net

Record Company: Inclusion of your release, to be sold online on robertjackson.net merchandise catalog, internet marketing of site, distribution setup with traditional retail cd distributors and Internet distributors, coordinated mailouts to radio stations of release, mailouts to press, Internet radio and press, and record pools. Real promotion follow up. Your CD should be retail ready and barcoded if seeking retail distribution.

Distribution Coordination / Record Distributors : Distribution set up with traditional retail cd distributors and online distributors.

Radio Promoters: Address labels provided of college and or commercial radio stations and Internet radio. Real promotion follow up provided (not just tracking).  Stations targeted by format.

Publicists: Mailing labels provided of national music press, regional music press, fanzines, alternative arts weekly newspapers, real promotion follow up provided. Targeted by format.

Video Promoters: Mailing labels provided to national video pools, national video programs and channels, regional video shows and channels, cable shows. Real promotion follow up provided. Targeted by format.

Booking Agents / Booking Agencies: Mailing labels provided to clubs, college venues, festivals, fairs, alternative venues i.e. cafes, coffeehouses, record store performances. Real promotion, follow up provided. Targeted by music format.

Session Musicians / Session Singers / Session Work: Robert Jackson pro bass player and singer is available for paid session work and gig work: Rock, Blues, Pop, Country, Folk, Etc... Northeast and Mid-Atlantic area.

Voice Over Artists / Announcers / DJs: Robert Jackson professional voice over artist, announcer, dj available for freelance work. Sample RJ's voice on Twilight Theatre. Click on any song that starts with the word "Introduction" to hear RJ's voice.

I have been in the music business professionally since 1987. In that time I have seen it all and practically done it all too. With my years of experience, I can cut through a lot of the chase, saving you, the client, wasted time, aggravation and money.
When you are ready to take the next step, AIF will be here.
Robert Jackson


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